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Cryopen Treatments in Essex

This procedure is conducted with utmost precision and under controlled conditions, ensuring safety throughout.

Permanently eliminates various skin imperfections in just one session


Our Cryopen treatment at Look Aesthetics is a swift and efficient procedure that permanently eliminates various skin imperfections in just one session. Among the common skin concerns we address are:

  • Freckles or Liver Spots: These can emerge from sun exposure and age, typically appearing on sun-exposed areas like hands, face, chest, and shoulders.
  • Milia: Characterized by white or yellow elevated spots, milia can manifest across different parts of the skin.
  • Warts: Often found on hands and feet, warts are contagious and can spread to various locations.
  • Cherry Angioma: With a distinctive red blister-like appearance, these result from broken blood vessels.
  • Verrucas: Commonly located on the feet, verrucas can be contracted in public environments like swimming pools.
  • Skin Tags: Small imperfections are more frequent in the elderly, often forming in skin folds and potentially causing irritation from friction against clothing.

The Cryopen treatment offers effective solutions for all these concerns at Look Aesthetics.


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Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

15 minutes


2-6 Weeks



Duration of results




How does CryoPen Treatment work?

The CryoPen treatment at Look Aesthetics employs the use of extreme cold generated by liquid nitrous oxide, resulting in a rapid and effective elimination of unwanted skin imperfections.

This procedure is conducted with utmost precision and under controlled conditions, ensuring safety throughout.

The specialized instrument utilized for this purpose takes the form of a fine-pointed “pen,” allowing for targeted treatment of the designated area. With elevated pressure for enhanced impact, the pen delivers a fine spray of liquid nitrous oxide at a constant temperature of -127 degrees Celsius.

Thanks to its focused and precise nature, our skilled practitioners can operate with millimetre-level accuracy, safeguarding the surrounding healthy skin tissue from any potential impact while exclusively addressing the imperfection at hand.

How effective is CryoPen?

The CryoPen treatment is exceptionally efficient, requiring just a single session for completion.

While a single session often suffices, we advise a follow-up visit to our clinic to confirm the complete clearance of the targeted skin imperfection and determine if any additional treatment is necessary.

Post-procedure, you might notice a variation in skin colour and the potential for hyperpigmentation in the treated area. However, these effects typically ameliorate over the ensuing weeks or months.

The outcomes are both immediate and enduring. To optimize the results, we suggest utilizing a mineral-based sunscreen and other recommended topicals as advised by your aesthetician. This approach ensures the finest possible outcome for your skin.